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Macrame Ornament
Macrame Ornament
Macrame Ornament

Macrame Ornament

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Beatrice, a macrame artist from Arad, crafts under the brand B.loved Decoration, transforming recycled cotton cord into elegant interior decorations and stylish accessories. Her journey with macrame, spanning five years, is the latest chapter in a lifelong affair with creativity – a flame kindled in childhood while knitting with her grandmother and later nurtured through various opportunities in graphics and interior design.

Initially focusing on wall decorations, Beatrice's work has evolved over time. She's committed to redefining macrame beyond its traditional bohemian connotations, steering her designs towards a modern aesthetic that resonates more deeply with her personal style.

Her repertoire extends beyond home decor to include a range of chic macrame accessories – from earrings and bracelets to necklaces and handbags. Each piece is designed with a keen sense of femininity, comfort, and practicality, embodying accessories Beatrice herself delights in wearing.

In every knot and twist, Beatrice's creations are not just crafted items, but expressions of a harmonious blend of tradition, modern design, and environmental consciousness.