Small Oltenesca Doily - Pink Rose Bud Motif

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In the crafting of each fabric on the vertical loom, artisans in Oltenia - a region in southwestern Romania renowned for its colorful carpets and rugs - start by carefully stretching the warp. This foundation is made up of long, light-colored cotton threads, tightly twisted to form a robust base.

The process then involves intertwining wool threads through the cotton framework, a technique achieved by skillful braiding. The wool, sourced naturally and produced locally in the villagers' own homes, is dyed using both traditional and modern methods. Natural colors are extracted from pepper pods for green, walnut leaves for brown, and onion leaves for beige, while chemical dyes are used for vibrant reds and deep blacks.

After weaving, the fabric is solidified through a deliberate beating process, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Oltenia's vertical looms, traditionally known as looms, are celebrated for producing textiles rich in symbolism and deeply connected to Romanian spirituality. The motifs are diverse, ranging from anthropomorphic figures in folk attire and choruses of women, to nature-inspired patterns like colorful floral designs, wood-beams, and animals including birds, roosters, horses, stags, and deer.

Approximate dimensions: 10 x 10 cm

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