Traditional Handmade Tismana Carpet - Tree of Life Motif
Traditional Handmade Tismana Carpet - Tree of Life Motif

Traditional Handmade Tismana Carpet - Tree of Life Motif

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Filomela Tistere started weaving at the age of 12, playing at a neighbor's loom. She perfected her craft at the monastery in Tismana and then became one of the most appreciated creators of Olten carpets. As evidence, the numerous invitations to cultural events outside the country to present the popular art that he loved as a child.

For each fabric worked on the vertical loom, the workers first stretch the warp, a skeleton of long, twisted threads of light-colored cotton.

The next step consists in the interpenetration of the wool threads among the cotton ones by braiding.

Finally, the fabric is strengthened by beating.

The materials used are natural, produced by the villagers in their own households. The wool is dyed both with natural colors, extracted from pepper pods (green), walnut leaves (brown), onion leaves (beige), and with chemical dyes (for shades of red and black).

The southwestern area of ​​Romania, Oltenia, is well known for the colorful carpets and rugs created there using traditional methods using the vertical loom (also called loom).

The carpets are endowed with symbols and motifs with strong meanings, deeply rooted in Romanian spirituality. These motifs can be anthropomorphic (woman or man in folk attire, women in chorus), vegetal (colorful flowers with leaves, wood-beams) and animals (birds, roosters, horses, stags and deer).

One of our favorite motifs is the Tree of Life. A symbol of eternal life and protection, the Tree of Life motif is found in all cultures of the world. Its branches reach up to Heaven, connecting it to Earth, and whoever bites into the fruit of the Tree tastes the very elixir of life. Roots firmly anchored in the soil keep the soul at home. An old Romanian saying says: never forget where you came from, never forget your roots.

  • Traditional carpet woven by hand on a loom
  • 100% wool
  • 45 x 30 cm

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