Handmade Ceramic Saxon House
Handmade Ceramic Saxon House

Handmade Ceramic Saxon House

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Meet Cristina Ghiță, a spirited artist from Bucharest, who turns small chunks of clay into tiny treasures, each reflecting the quaint charm of Transylvanian villages. Her journey has been a colorful one, swapping corporate suits for artisan aprons, and she hasn't looked back since.

Imagine a cozy workshop filled with laughter, where Cristina, fueled by her love for rural stories and a steaming cup of morning coffee, crafts her miniature houses. Her hands, guided by memories and dreams, shape more than clay—they weave connections to a rustic world where community and simplicity thrive.

Beyond clay and crafts, Cristina is a nature lover, an avid reader and a self-proclaimed introvert who finds joy in meaningful friendships and mountain trails. With her trusty four-legged friend by her side and a heart full of stories, she creates not just houses, but tiny beacons of happiness.

These clay houses are your invitation to join her journey, to hold a piece of her dream in your palm. They stand as a testament to the beauty of embracing one's passion and the warmth of the world Cristina invites us into. Come along, feel the joy in each detail, and let's celebrate the art of making—and living—with joy.

Average size: 4 x 5 cm

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