Ceramic Plate from Baia Mare - 18 cm

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Liliana Ghilvacs embarked on her ceramic journey under the mentorship of Zaharia Bledea, a renowned ceramist whose craftsmanship has positioned Baia Mare as a beacon of pottery excellence. Zaharia Bledea became a household name when he revitalized the traditional family workshop, a legacy inherited from his potter father-in-law, and injected a novel twist into his works. His signature move was to adorn practical ceramics with vibrant, eye-catching motifs, transforming everyday items into extraordinary pieces of traditional art.

Since her teenage years, Liliana has been an integral part of the Bledea workshop. With an innate curiosity and a watchful eye, she absorbed every step of the pottery-making process. Her hands learned to shape the clay into forms that echo the distinct Bledea family style, yet Liliana has also woven her own narrative into each creation.

Liliana's approach to pottery is imbued with her jovial spirit and unwavering optimism. She believes that the heart of craftsmanship lies in the joy of beginning and the resolve to persist, an ethos that has allowed her to master the secrets of the ceramic art. Her work today stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Bledea craft, while also celebrating her unique artistic voice within the vibrant tapestry of Maramureș heritage.

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