Colorful Handmade Ceramic Bell - Blue

Colorful Handmade Ceramic Bell - Blue

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Between the years 5200 BC and 3200 I.H., on a large part of the northern territory of today's Romania, extending to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, lived and created one of the oldest and most mysterious civilizations in Europe: the Cucuteni culture.

The first artifacts were discovered in 1884, in the village of Cucuteni in Iasi County, where Ionela Mihuleac was born eight decades later.

The artist has been creating ceramics inspired by Neolithic art for almost 20 years. His works have traveled all over the world, and the workshop built in his native village is visited annually by artists and people passionate about sculpture and pottery from everywhere. The objects are exclusively modeled by hand from red clay, without the help of the potter's wheel, which did not exist during the Cucuteni culture. These are then painted with sacred motifs taken from the original vessels. Among the standard symbols are the spiral, the wolves, the birds, the man in space, the chorus of women, the voluptuous female goddess of fertility and the horned ox, the idol of male fertility.

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