Medium Vase from Vădastra Ceramic - Linear Ornaments Engraved with White

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Named after the locality where the first traces of this culture were found, Vadastra defines an entire civilization that lived in the southern part of our country over 6000 years ago. The large number of ceramic objects discovered here confirms a high degree of development, and the way they are decorated (by incision, excision and inlay with white) is considered to be one of the highest forms of artistic expression from the Neo-Eneolithic period in Europe . Ionel Cococi is the only potter who works with black Vadastra ceramics. He made contact for the first time with this type of art in 2000 following a multidisciplinary project in which he participated as a volunteer. His curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit led him further towards experiments with clay and making replicas for which he received positive feedback and encouragement from specialists. 20 years later, the craftsman has participated in numerous national and international fairs, and his special dishes are admired by everyone, including in our store.

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