Product Warranty

We make every effort to present all products on this site in as detailed and realistic a manner as possible. However, it is possible that due to different monitor settings, the actual colors may be slightly different. All products on are produced by Romanian craftsmen or young artists, both in Romania and abroad.

The legal guarantee of conformity applies only for lack of conformity, i.e. if the products are found, at the time of their delivery to the consumer, in one or more of the following situations:

1. They do not correspond to the description made by the seller and do not have the same qualities as the products that the seller presented to the consumer as a sample or model;
2. They do not correspond to any specific purpose requested by the consumer, purpose made known to the seller and accepted by him at the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract;
3. They do not correspond to the purposes for which products of the same type are normally used;
4. Being of the same type, it does not present normal quality and performance parameters that the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the product and the public statements regarding its concrete characteristics made by the seller, the manufacturer or his representative, in particular by advertising or by inscription on the product label.

If you have problems with an order, you can send a report to The term in which we will respond is 3 working days.

Important: the guarantee only applies if the buyer provides proof of purchase of the product - presentation of the tax invoice is mandatory.

Conditions in which the warranty becomes inapplicable or void:
• moral wear and tear and normal physical wear and tear of the product;
• discoloration of the product or some component parts following prolonged exposure to severe environmental factors (sun or another strong source of heat, humidity, rain, snow, etc.);
• damage to the product following calamities (fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, etc.), accidents, arson or theft;
• defects caused by transport, handling and storage in improper conditions (excessive temperature and humidity, thermal shocks - hot / cold variations, immersion, etc.);
• defects caused by improper, abusive, incorrect, modified use of the product and / or in improper conditions other than those for which it was tested and designed;
• intervention, repair or modification made by unauthorized persons, including painting the product;
• damage to the product caused, voluntarily or involuntarily, by mechanical shocks (breaking, hanging, hitting, scratching, etc.), pets, rodents and other pests;
• faulty maintenance (cleaning using inappropriate methods or products).

The following are not considered manufacturing defects, therefore they are not covered by the warranty:
• particularities of handmade products: ribs, small color differences, characteristic marks and irregularities - precisely this shows the authenticity and quality of the materials from which the products sold by my Romanian store are made;
• small irregularities and imperfections of products or parts of handmade products.