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Handmade Black Ceramic Carafe - Geometric Pattern

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Step into the world of Marginea's black ceramics, where each piece is a story of finesse and harmony. Imagine these stunning creations gracing your living room, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness that's sure to be a conversation starter. And if you're wondering whether these beauties are just as functional as they are captivating, let's put that to rest – they're perfect for your kitchen too, with the master ceramist's blessing!

In the heart of Marginea, a place celebrated far and wide for its pottery, clay is lovingly shaped into all forms imaginable, from rustic cups to elegant vases, and everything in between. Each item is a testament to the traditional artistry of the region, with decorations made by pressing river stones into wet clay and fine flint polishing on the dry pieces.

From start to finish, creating each Marginea ceramic piece is a three-week journey of molding, decorating, drying, and firing. What really sets Marginea ceramics apart is their rich, deep black color, a result of a unique oxygen-free firing process. 

Legend has it that this pottery tradition blossomed here some 300 years ago, and today, the Magopăț Family continues this legacy as the sixth generation of potters. These black ceramics are more than just objects; they're a unique treasure in the European traditional art sector.

  • Carafe for wine or water
  • Size: 13 x 23 cm
  • Capacity of aprox. 700 ml