Cherry Wooden Spoon - The Fish Motif

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As you step into our store, Viorel Marian's spoons immediately capture your attention. Line by line, they read like stories etched in wood, revealing tales of mystical beings who safeguard, bestow prosperity and spread joy—everything one would wish for their loved ones.

The spoon with the fish motif is particularly evocative. On one hand, it symbolises water—the foundational element of life. Yet it also resonates with Christian symbolism, even though its roots in Romanian culture trace back further. Ancient beliefs posited that the Earth was cradled on a fish's back. This led to the fish's predominant association with solar, rather than Christian, symbolism in folk art, often flanked by patterns of X's, rosettes, and squares.

There's also a cherished Romanian belief that consuming fish as the old year gives way to the new ensures a year of ease and flow, free from significant obstacles or dangers. In this way, the fish bestows some of its grace upon those who partake.

For over twenty years, artisan VIOREL MARIAN, from Fălticeni, has masterfully transformed humble pieces of wood into intricate works adorned with Romanian age-old symbols. His spoons, crafted from poplar and cherry wood, are not just utensils, but narratives—capturing tales of bygone Romanian customs and traditions with impeccable detail. While Viorel's journey into wood carving was serendipitous, it has become both his passion and purpose. Each spoon is a testament to his dedication, carrying motifs imbued with distinctive and deeply personal touches.


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